History of Hellmut Ruck GmbH 

Hellmut Ruck and Simeon Ruck (father and son) are two of the eight family members who currently run the RUCK® company 

The family-owned company was founded in 1923. In 1929, Ruck was the founder of the first specialized specialist pedicure school in Germany. After the war in 1946, when the company's buildings were completely bombed, it was rebuilt from scratch and the scope of activity was expanded. 

In addition to the school, production and trade of products for podology specialists were introduced. In the following years, outstanding specialists and engineers were employed, who introduced new technologies and inventions to podology.Thanks to them, the first specialist Stella armchairs and Podolog machines were created on the market. In 1998, the first 2-year podiatry school is established, which two years later is officially recognized and entered into the list of German state schools.

Ruck Today

Then comes the peclavus® brand, whose products are focused on specialist care and treatment of the feet.peclavus® produces creams and foot preparations containing substances exclusively of natural origin. The preparations are extremely effective and gain a huge crowd of supporters. 
Entering the 21st century, Ruck has already gained enormous momentum. As the creator of many innovative technologies, including brushless motor in milling machines with PodologNova dust absorber. 
RUCK® is growing rapidly. She expanded her buildings and warehouses. Is a modern company with its own logistics and service park. It has representatives and partners around the world. 

Today, RUCK® is still a leading company on the podiatry market. For many podologists, milling machines with a dust absorber, podological tools, equipment for surgeries, strain reliefs and equipment for podiatry clinics and the peclavus® brand are a symbol of world-class, highest quality. 
RUCK® runs a modern, high-level podology school employing physicians and podology specialists. He constantly conducts trainings and seminars for people who want to deepen their knowledge. RUCK® has great potential in a young, very talented looking future. 
RUCK® constantly improves its inventions, introduces new products to its offer. In recent years, introduced the PeclaSANUS® brand for body care and a full offer in the Kosmetik & Wellness category.
This family-owned company is solely driven by success.From the very beginning, he cares about the quality of his products and highly qualified staff. Messrs. Hellmut and Simeon Ruck are particularly concerned about the interests of their company. The highest priority for them is not money, but quality and friendship in relation to their subordinates and business partners. 
The atmosphere at RUCK® is family-oriented, full of understanding and friendship. 

OPM ltd is proud to be a selected partner of RUCK® in Ireland