Xp Clinic Control Unit

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Omega’s latest control unit is designed to sit comfortably in today’s modern clinic. Extremely versatile, this unit accepts the complete range of Omega’s interchangeable probes, allowing laser therapy treatment of everything from superficial wound healing to deeper penetration for pain relief.

This model has the most complete functionality in the Omega Laser Systems portfolio and comes in a softly curved moulded casing to complement the contemporary clinic aesthetic. Features include:

  • Straightforward and helpful menu system
  • Clean lined contemporary design
  • Automatic probe recognition
  • Automatic calculation of surface energy density
  • Nine pulsing frequency options
  • Multi-pulse mode
  • Automatic repeat treatment time
  • Total treatment time record
  • Precise laser beam power output measurement
  • Visible warning when probe capable of emitting or in use
  • Point finder
  • Exceptional battery power
  • Wipe-clean membrane fascia

Whatever the condition being treated, relevant repeatable treatment times can be entered using the intuitive menu and the unit will automatically calculate the resultant energy density ‘dose’ to be delivered. The Xp Clinic offers a range of nine pulsing frequency options and the ability to set three different pulsing repetition rates within one treatment through the multi-pulse facility. This affords the practitioner pulse variation capability without having to reset.
  • Model: OMGXPC
  • Manufacturer: OMEGA LASER SYSTEMS