OMEGA 60 Diode Multi-Wavelength Cluster

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Omega’s multi-wavelength cluster probes incorporate the most effective wavelength combinations from research results into a practical large irradiation area.

The use of selected multiple wavelengths has been found to create a synergistic effect, resulting in a cellular response enhanced by comparison with single wavelength use only. 

Increasingly the most effective protocols for certain clinical applications are found to involve the use of a multi-wavelength probe in serial combination with a purely infra-red wavelength probe.

As detailed below, we offer four multi-wavelength probes, with combinations of between 20 to 60 diodes in each utilizing 5 or 6 different wavelengths. The smaller clusters are more suitable for areas such as hands or feet, and the larger versions allow improved rapid coverage. All have articulated heads for convenience and clinician comfort in treatment.

The coherence of the light emitted by the diodes includes Superluminescent LED and (for the 46 cluster) Laser as well. Each of these probes is classed as 3B in Laser classification.

Wavelengths660nm, 810nm, 850nm, 880nm, 940nm
Power Density0.10 W/cm2
  • Model: OME60C
  • Manufacturer: OMEGA LASER SYSTEMS